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Rosie's Wine Bar Rosie's Wine Bar
Come wine all you want
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Spring & Summer Happenings
For the events below, please RSVP to: or call (908)518-9463
We offer an additional 15% discount on all food ordered by tasting attendees.

Outdoor White Wine Tasting
Join us on Saturday July 25th for an outdoor White Wine Only Tasting. This is one of Rosie's favorite events of the year, he drinks way more white than red, and this year we are holding it on a Saturday so more people can attend. We will be tasting 10 or more wines (the more the merrier so RSVP!) As is the tradition, there will be NO Pinot Grigio, NO Chardonnay, NO Sauvignon Blanc and for the first time ever, NO Riesling either. This is your chance to experiment and try new stuff. There are more than 10,000 different grape types in the world, so come explore with us.

When: Saturday July 25th, 7:00 'til the wine is gone
Where: Rosie's Outdoor Patio Under the Stars
Cost: $25/pp, cheese, crackers, & hummus included
15% discount on all other food ordered by event attendees

That's right, Rosie's will be opening for lunch in the very near future. Keep your eyes peeled to the home page, facebook, twitter and instagram for update on the menu highlights and the starting date. Tell your friends, tell your friends...

Other ongoing events, specials & tastings:
Sunday & Monday Burger and a Beer Menu
Wine on Wednesday By the Bottle Special
Thursday Nights: Cocktails & Culinary Creations
Date TBD in August: Fun w/Tequila at Rosieta's Cantina (AKA Rosie's)

Looking forward to tasting with you,