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Rosie's Wine Bar Rosie's Wine Bar
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Spring & Summer Happenings
For the events below, please RSVP to: or call (908)518-9463
We offer an additional 15% discount on all food ordered by tasting attendees.

Organic & Biodynamic Wine Symposium
In ancient Greece, the symposium (Greek: συμπόσιον symposion, from συμπίνειν sympinein, "to drink together") was a drinking party. On Wednesday May 27th at 7:30pm we will be hosting an ancient Greek style Symposion of our own, featuring organic & biodynamic wines. We will discuss the differences between practicing organic, sustainable farming, certified organic, and biodynamic wines. Then, in true Greek fashion, we will all drink together.
Cheese, hummus, pita, & crudité included
Cost = $40/pp

Customer Cocktail Creations Contest
Starting May 1st Rosie's will be conducting a contest where you, our loyal clientele, get to create your own Vodka cocktail recipe for us to use at the bar. We will be accepting your Vodka Cocktail recipes via e-mail only, You may use no more than 5 ingredients, including Vodka as the base. On Saturday June 6th we will hosting a tasting of the top 3 customer recipes (prizes to be awarded to the 3 winners), as well as a few new concoctions of our own. At the end of the tasting, participants will vote for their favorites, which will be incorporated in our summer cocktail list, launching the week following the event.
Recipe submission is FREE
Tasting on June 6th Cost = $30/pp
(no recipe submission necessary to attend)

Other upcoming events & dates:

Sat June 13: Summer Kick-off Party w/Music & Dancing
Starting July 4th Weekend: Summertime Saturday & Sunday Dinner Specials
Date TBD in July: Outdoor White Wine Tasting
Date TBD in August: Fun w/Tequila at Rosieta's Cantina (AKA Rosie's)

Looking forward to tasting with you,