About Us - Rosie's Wine Bar

About Us

Our mission at Rosie’s Wine Bar is to spread the joy of wine by attracting new wine drinkers, further educating people who already love wine and offering new insights to extreme wine enthusiasts. We have created an informal down-to-earth environment where you can feel comfortable pulling the corks of your favorite bottles to share with friends over a delicious meal. After all, I have been known to say, “A bottle not shared is a bottle wasted.”

So, how do we accomplish this? To start, we offer a large selection of wines by the glass that is ever-changing and based on seasonality and staff favorites. This keeps the list fresh for you. In addition, you may also “create your own flight” among this large selection of wines by ordering half glasses at half the price, giving you the opportunity to experiment.

What about by the bottle? In addition to our by-the-glass wines, we offer more than 250 wines by the bottle, either for consumption at Rosie's or to go (at a 30% discount off the shelf price). You can browse our shelves just like at your local wine shop, (which is in fact where you are!), or, if you prefer, select a wine from the reserve lists printed in your menu.

A vôtre santé!